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Schlumberger Petrel 2009.1

Integrate your workflows from exploration to development

Petrel 2009 delivers fast, intuitive, and productive geophysical interpretation, geologic modeling, reservoir engineering, and innovative domain science for more accurate reservoir characterization.

Major E&P software enhancements include:

  • Fault and horizon interpretation workflow efficiencies—allow rapid assessment of exploration acreage. Run multiple iterations to rank and risk prospects, easily running uncertainties around velocity, structure, porosity, or any other relevant property.
  • Advanced multipoint statistics—combine hard well data with analogs on real-world models in minutes rather than hours. New random Gaussian simulation enables rapid distribution of geologic properties based on acoustic impedance (through new Petrel inversion algorithm) or other seismic attributes, for big productivity gains in understanding rock and fluid properties of the subsurface.
  • New science and approaches for fast performance and state-of-the-art scalability—leverage all the latest computing capability for maximum return on your hardware investment.

Product:Schlumberger Petrel 2009.1