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Graphisoft Ecodesigner R1 for ArchiCAD 12

Graphisoft EcoDesigner is an integrated, easy–to-use energy evaluation tool for architects. EcoDesigner enables architects to control the energy consumption of their buildings, and sets new standards in sustainable design, making ArchiCAD the leading software solution for contemporary architectural demands. With EcoDesigner, architects will have easy access to much needed energy information concerning their project in the early design phase, as opposed to relying on outside professionals to analyze the buildings when the design is well advanced and decisions are irreversible.

“Graphisoft EcoDesigner has generated great interest among architects at the 2009 AIA convention in San Francisco and continuously thereafter,” said Akos Pfemeter, Director of Graphisoft Global Marketing. “Designers welcome this integrated ‘one-click’ energy evaluation solution that helps them make informed design decisions even at early design phases.”

Product:Graphisoft Ecodesigner R1 for ArchiCAD 12