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ST-RISK v4.42 Build 001

ST-RISK is a structural risk assessment application for Microsoft® Windows© that is powerful and versatile, yet easy to use. It evaluates the economic risk to an individual structure based on various earthquake scenarios. What makes ST-RISK unique in the industry is that it combines powerful and well-recognized seismic hazard procedures with structural engineering analysis. Whereas other risk software on the market today uses historical data to evaluate large suites of buildings or geographical areas, ST-RISK allows a building owner, insurance risk manager or structural engineer to obtain a more precise estimate of potential loss for a single structure.

What\’s New In Version 4.42
This version also includes a minor fix to calculating hazard from fault seismic sources. In previous version if one magnitude recurrence model for a fault source overrode the number of rupture lengths used to represent the distribution of rupture lengths with magnitude, then all subsequent magnitude recurrence models used the overridden value. Now, this override is calculated independently for each magnitude recurrence model. This change is not expected to significantly change results. Using a distribution of rupture lengths, instead of just using a mean value for the rupture lengths typically would have had only a minor effect on calculated hazard results. Furthermore, this problem would not have occurred on every fault.
Product:ST-RISK v4.42 Build 001