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SOFTTECH STRUDS 2009 v4.1.0 Advanced

The most practical analysis, design and detailing software for RC Buildings!

STRUDS® is a very powerful yet extremely easy to use integrated software for complete process of building design cycle starting from modeling the building plans floor wise to complete 3-D space frame analysis to producing analysis output graphically through in-built post processing to produce design of building components to producing structural quantities and then finally the complete structural drawings.

STRUDS® produces step-by-step calculation reports for analysis and design that even stipulate the relevant clauses of the code. Reports for the entire process of automatic Seismic and Wind load generation are also given.

STRUDS® produces detail design outputs in standard formats like HTML, Word or plain text which closely resemble to how a practical design engineer would solve by hand, thereby creating 100 % transparency in terms of how the software is designing the components. STRUDS® also generates design drawings in DXF format which can be exported to CAD softwares.

In built graphical preprocessor to create the model of the building
DXF import facility to accept center line drawings drawn in the CAD software
Facility to import & export models from third party structural software like Staad Pro® and Revit Structures®
Automatic generation of Plane frames and 3D Space frame from floor plans.
Rectangular, triangular, Trapezoidal and irregular shaped slabs can be drawn
Automatic transfer of loads from Slabs to beams
Facility to define floor loads
Generation of true curved beams with rectangular, ‘T-section’, and ‘L- section’.
Generation of Rectangular, Circular, T and L shape columns
Floating columns on beams
Generation of I, L, C shape Shear Walls
Differential footing levels for building on sloping ground
Automatic generation of seismic loads (Response Spectrum and Seismic Coefficient method), as per the revised codes I.S. 1893: 2002
Automatic generation of wind loads as per I.S. 875
Editing features like copy, mirror, delete, multiple copy are available for quick modification of the drawing
Member loads like Point load, UDL, Wedge load, Triangular Load, are available.
External Joint loads can be applied.
User defined material properties
Detailed reports of all the input parameters are available at the click of a single button
User defined unique ID’s can be given to nodes and elements.

2-D analysis for Plane Grids, Plane Frames and Plane Trusses.
3-D analysis of Space frames
Automated Seismic analysis using both Dynamic (Response Spectrum) method, and the Static Coefficient Method is supported as per IS 1893-2002
Automated Wind Load analysis for high rise buildings as per IS:875
Master Slave concept to consider the effect of wide columns
Consideration of rigid floor diaphragm effect due to floor slab in analysis
Automated torsion analysis due to eccentricity between centre of mass and centre of stiffness
Automated shear wall analysis with detail reports
Optimized solution techniques adopted enhance the analysis speed performance.

Analysis results are directly read by STRUDS® to perform the integrated Design using Limit state method.
Design can be performed for the Worst Load combination or any Specific Load combination
The codes to which the design confirms are IS : 1893-2002; IS : 456 – 2000, I.S : 800; IS : 13920; IS : 3370 and BS : 8110(I, II, III); BS : 6399(I, II, III) and BS : 5400(I)
Design of all components like:
Slabs (One way, Two way, Cantilever slabs & Flat slabs),
Beams (Rectangular, L and T shape)
Columns (Rectangular, Circular, L and T shape)
Foundation (Flat footings, Trapezoidal footings, Combined footings, Piles, Raft foundation as slab-beam system)
The design modules are highly interactive and the designer can overwrite the default parameters and results to make use of his practical experience
Automatic / user-defined grouping for slabs, beams and columns for preparing design schedules
Ductile detailing as per IS:13920 is incorporated for seismic design. For normal design, detailing as per SP-34 is available.

All the relevant clauses of IS : 1893(2002) fully implemented
Ductile detailing as per IS : 13920 provided
Both static and dynamic (Response Spectrum) analysis supported.
Soft Storey effect can be considered while designing the columns and beams
Floor diaphragm action can be taken into consideration

STRUDS – Steel®
STRUDS – Steel® is software for the design of Steel components such as Plane truss, Steel Beam, Steel Column, Plate girder and Gantry girder. All the design conforms to the latest version of IS : 800
Product:SOFTTECH STRUDS 2009 v4.1.0 Advanced