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Bentley RAM Structural System V8i

Bentley RAM Structural System V8i Release

Release 14.00 of the RAM Structural System V8i was released last June 15, 2009. This is one of the most significant versions in years. This version significantly expands the ability of the program to analyze and design concrete buildings, adding the ability to model and analyze two-way flat slab and flat plate floors.

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RAM Structural System is a special purpose building design engineering application used for the modeling, analysis and design of building structures. The application includes a specialized building modeler with advanced loading, analysis and design capabilities for steel and concrete structures. The program analyzes and designs to many of the current building and design codes including AISC, ACI, BS5950, CAN/CSA S16.1, Eurocode, IBC and more. The program is tailored to automate many of the most time consuming tasks that need to be performed to get projects done on time and on budget, including live load reduction, automatic skip loading and wind and seismic load generators. The application integrates and links with several of the Bentley products including RAM Concept, RAM CADstudio, RAM Connection and RAM Advanse, as well as utilizing open standards such as CIS/2 for further interoperability. RAM Structural System includes RAM Manager and RAM Modeler, the RAM Concrete Shearwall, RAM Frame, RAM Concrete, RAM Steel, and RAM Foundation products are each included but only activated according to the licenses purchased.

Product:Bentley RAM Structural System V8i