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Schlumberger WELLTEST 6.1

Our innovative surface and downhole well testing service delivers accurate results that help you characterize your reservoir economically, giving you confidence in your well\’s ability to produce.

  • Downhole Pressure Measurement
    The industry\’s most reliable downhole recorders.


  • Drillstem Testing
    Flexible DST designs save you time and deliver the reservoir information you can count on.


  • Early Production Facilities
    Modular, fit-for-purpose facilities that provide real-time production data and help operators appraise reservoir performance before more-expensive long-term facilities are installed


  • Multiphase Well Testing and Monitoring
    Proven, accurate flow measurement in three-phase flow.


  • Perforating
    The recognized leader in perforating solutions.


  • Reservoir Fluid Sampling and Analysis
    The leader in mercury-free, reservoir fluid sampling and analysis.


  • Slickline Services
    Reduce your cost of well intervention and help increase your production.


  • Subsea Landing String Services
    Advanced systems and centrally managed worldwide support of personnel and process for subsea well control.


  • Surface Testing and Cleanup
    Save rig time using CleanTest for your next surface well test.

Product:Schlumberger WELLTEST 6.1