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Schlumberger Decide! 2008.1

DECIDE! – Oil & Gas Workflow Automation, Data Mining and Analysis Software

DECIDE! software is a technology solution that enables continuous field performance improvement through the automation of routine operations, providing full asset awareness to production engineers so that they can make proactive decisions. This technology has advanced analytic tools combined with workflow automation capabilities to further improve operational performance.

The DECIDE! environment enables you to build and run various production workflows. These workflows leverage integrated tools for advanced data mining, artificial intelligence, and petroleum engineering analysis, and can integrate the results of third-party engineering applications. Three main groups of workflows can be implemented with DECIDE! software:

Performance monitoring and surveillance workflows include:

  • Data conditioning workflow, including removal of outliers, data aggregation, and errors/missing values detection and estimation
  • Well performance monitoring and underperformance detection
  • Liquid loading detection
  • Drawdown detection
  • Well downtime detection

Analysis and diagnostics workflows include:

  • Well production continuous rate estimation
  • Virtual flow metering
  • Erosion and sand management
  • Model validation and update workflow† through integration with engineering tools such as PROSPER/GAP, PIPESIM, and ECLIPSE software and other applications
  • Well test validation

Optimization workflows may include:

  • Gas lift optimization
  • Waterflood optimization
  • Water alternating gas (WAG) optimization
  • Infill well location recommendation
  • Candidate recognition and well ranking


Operations personnel face problems every day, from equipment failures to problems of rapid production decline. Often, there are simply too many wells to manage, too much data to analyze, and not enough time to select the best course of action. A DECIDE! solution allows you to automate your critical production workflows so that you become aware at the right time of production problems and their causes-enabling you to make proactive decisions and significantly improve operational performance.

Product:Schlumberger Decide! 2008.1