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Synopsys VCS-MX 2009.06 Linux

VCS MX uses the Synopsys Installer tool, which allows you to use a
graphical user interface (GUI) or a text script. For information about
downloading Synopsys Installer and VCS MX, see “Downloading the
Software” in Installing Synopsys Tools
To install VCS MX by EST or from the CD, follow the procedures
described in Installing Synopsys Tools
Example 1-1 in Installing Synopsys Tools shows a Synopsys media
installation script for the synthesis tools. VCS MX is installed in a similar
VCS MX is a stand-alone product and cannot be installed over an existing
Synopsys product, including a prior version of VCS MX. You must create
a new directory for VCS MX.
Follow these steps.
1. Set the VCS_HOME environment variable in the shell that you are using
in which the root_directory argument is the name of the
VCS MX root directory.
– If you are using the C shell, enter
% setenv VCS_HOME /vcs_mx/build/vcs_mx/vcs_mxC-2009.06
– If you are using the Bourne shell, enter
% VCS_HOME=/vcs_mx/build/vcs_mx/vcs_mxC-2009.06
export VCS_HOME
2. Add the directory containing the VCS MX executable files to the PATH
environment variable.
– If you are using the C shell, add the following line to the .cshrc file:
set path=($VCS_HOME/bin $path)
– If you are using the Bourne, Korn, or Bash shell, add the following
line to the .profile or .kshrc file:
export PATH
product:Synopsys VCS-MX 2009.06 Linux