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SCAD Office 11.3

SCAD Office 11.3 高级结构分析系统软件,包括高性能的结构计算软件 SCAD(V11.3)和许多设计与辅助程序,可全面解决钢结构与混凝土结构分析与设计的问题。


SCAD – 有限元结构分析综合系统
Kristall – 钢结构元分析
ARBAT – 钢筋混凝土结构元的加固选择与专家研究
WeST – 负荷计算
Monolit – 路基加固地面的设计
Comet – 钢结构接头的设计与分析?
Cross – 弹性地基结构的地基反应系数计算
Section Designer – 截面几何属性的创建与分析
Consul – 使用solid bars 理论创建任何形式的交叉断面并计算其几何属性
Tonus – 使用thin-walled bars(薄墙条?) 理论创建任何形式的交叉断面并计算其几何属性
Sezam – 找出相同交叉断面的工具。

::::::English Description::::::

SCAD Office 11.3 is an advanced system of new generation, designed by engineers for engineers and developed by a team of skillful programmers. The system includes a high-performance computational software SCAD (version 11.1) and a number of design and accessory programs that enable one solve problems of analysis and design of steel and concrete structures on an integrated basis. We are constantly developing the system, improving user s interfaces and computational capabilities, adding new design components.

The SCAD Office package includes the following programs:

  • SCAD – an integrated system for finite element structural analysis
  • Kristall – analysis of steel structural elements
  • ARBAT – selection of reinforcement and expert investigation of ferroconcrete structural elements
  • COMEIN – analysis of masson and reinforced masson structural elements
  • Decor – analysis of wooden structural members
  • Zapros – analysis of members of foundations and beds
  • WeST – calculation of loadings in compliance with SNiP Loadings and influences
  • Monolit – design of monolithic rib-reinforced floors
  • Comet – design and analysis of steel structural joints
  • Cross – calculation of coefficients of subgrade reaction for structures on elastic foundations
  • Section Designer – creation and analysis of geometric properties of sections made of rolled profiles and plates
  • Consul – construction of any types of cross-sections and calculation of their geometric properties using a theory of solid bars
  • Tonus – construction of any types of cross-sections and calculation of their geometric properties using a theory of thin-walled bars
  • Sezam – a tool to find equivalent cross-sections


  • CoCon – electronic handbook on stress concentration factors and stress intensity factors
  • KUST – electronic design-theoretical handbook

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