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Schlumberger FracCADE 6.0

FracCAT Fracturing Computer-Aided Treatment
Monitor, Record & Control Stimulation Treatments in Real Time

The FracCAT fracturing computer-aided treatment system comprises hardware and software for monitoring, controlling, recording and reporting all types of fracturing treatments. Its real-time displays, plots, surface schematics and wellbore animations present a clear picture of the treatment as it occurs, providing decision-makers with real-time detailed job information from the surface to the perforations.
Technology and software

Using FracCAT technology, treatment design is followed and execution is precise. Integration with the Schlumberger FracCADE design and evaluation software allows job designs to be loaded directly into the FracCAT software.

During the job, the FracCAT system tracks the design and displays actual job parameters compared to planned values. FracCAT software also uses the design to control proppant and additive concentrations in as many as three blenders at the same time. This control capability ensures that actual concentrations follow the plan. Job data are sent to the FracCADE software in real time. If the FracCADE analysis indicates a need for design changes, the changes can be imported directly into the FracCAT software without interrupting the treatment. The FracCAT system works in conjunction with a local area network (LAN) environment, which enables networking of all PCs at the wellsite and also provides a connection to the Internet through satellite or cellular telephone technology. The Internet connectivity provides the ability to transmit real-time data from the remote wellsite to anywhere in the world for real-time analysis.

FracCAT controls make deviations from the schedule, such as extending a proppant stage or starting flush early, as simple as a single mouse-click.
Product:Schlumberger FracCADE 6.0