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Bentley Revit Plugin 8i XM

he Bentley Revit Plugin allows you to save your Revit models in a way that lets you open them up in MicroStation or Bentley Building products, retaining most of the Revit properties information from your Revit model. The Plugin is designed to help teams working in a mixed Revit/Bentley environment to be able to get Revit models into their MicroStation based design workflow for coordination purposes, interference detection and similar.

The Revit Plugin is NOT designed as a way to convert an existing Revit model to Bentley\’s Building applications with 100% fidelity, so that further modeling work on the model can be continued in Bentley Architecture. While the plugin translates Revit elements into Bentley Building BIM elements, making it possible to manipulate walls, doors and windows with Bentley Architecture tools, the nature of the translation between the Revit system of objects and Bentley BIM products will NOT give you 100%, 1:1 match of everything that may have been modeled in Revit.

Supported Applications
The below lists the primary applications and versions known to be supported with Bentley Facilities V8i at the time of this release.

MicroStation 08.11.05 (\”Bentley Export to DGN\” only)

Bentley Architecture 08.11.05 (\”Bentley Export to BIM\” and \”Bentley Export to DGN\”)

Revit Architecture 2008 (Currently the Plugin for Revit only supports Revit Architecture 2008)


Installation notes
Installing the plugin for Revit Architecture 2008
The plug-in comes with an installer which will install and configure all the necessary files to provide the \”Export to DGN\” functionality in Revit Architecture 2008. No MicroStation or MicroStation license is required on the machine on which the plug-in is installed for Revit Architecture!

Installation procedure:
Run the BentleyRevitDGNplugin.msi installer
Click \”Next\”
Accept the End-User License Agreement and click \”Next\”
Accept or change the installation path and click \”Next\”
Click \”Install\” to begin the installation
Click \”Finish\” to complete the installation.

At this point you will be able to export the dgn file of the model out of Revit Architecture.
Product:Bentley Revit Plugin 8i XM