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Schlumberger Merak Peep 2007.1

Petroleum economic evaluation and decline analysis software

Petroleum economics for everyone

Merak Peep software is the industry standard for economic modeling of upstream oil and gas projects and is in continuous daily use by over 1,500 economists and engineers in approximately 100 oil and gas companies across the world.

Standard and consistent economic data throughout your portfolio

  • Make investment decisions with greater confidence by using standard fiscal regimes, price files, inflation, exchange and discount rates
  • Introduce more structured analysis processes throughout your organization and improve the consistency of your economic evaluations

Secure and scalable

  • Implement Merak software in a corporate or asset wide level in a multi-user or standalone mode
  • Control data access to limit what users need to see and are allowed to change
  • Consolidate economic runs to the corporate level in order to understand the true value of your assets
  • Incorporate risk and capture probabilistic analysis into your workflows at any level, from a single well to an entire corporation

Efficient and flexible

  • Quickly apply changes to global parameters including: price, discount factors, inflation assumptions, and fiscal regimes
  • Easily generate what-if scenarios for economic analysis of investment options and acquisition & divestiture opportunities
  • Generate reports in any currency or time period using a simple web-style interface

Product:Schlumberger Merak Peep 2007.1