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Bentley RAM CADstudio


RAM CADstudio is the “missing link” between the analytical model and construction drawings; RAM CADstudio helps keep your drawings current and your projects on budget. The program offers unparalleled integration and efficiency to engineers and CAD specialists.

RAM CAD studio automatically generates grids, floor plans, and elevations, schedules from any RAM Structural System model. RAM CADstudio is an AutoCAD add-on application that helps you produce structural drawings quickly and accurately. Once a project is underway, re-importing the RAM Structural System model into RAM CADstudio will update all of the framing changes without overwriting the manual modifications you have made to the drawings. RAM CADstudio retains all changes made to the drawings as the analytical model evolves. Add notes, split member labels onto multiple lines, move members, add miscellaneous members; all these changes stay in place even if the analytical model sizes and framing are modified and updated. RAM CADstudio makes it possible to import all changes from the RAM Structural System model or selectively import or export specific changes.

RAM CADstudio includes a project navigator that makes it easy to open drawing files, and lets you layout sheets for plotting. You simply select content from the navigator and drag and drop it into a layout sheet. Use drag-and-drop technology to import details, and place plans, elevations, and schedules onto drawing sheets in paper space. RAM CADstudio automatically generates and maintains sheet and module references so you no longer need to worry about incorrect references if sheets are renumbered or details are moved.

When your project is ready to be built, you can export a CIS/2 data file. (CIMSteel Integration Standards/Version 2) Leading detailing and material management programs such as ProSteel can import the CIS/2 file, saving the detailer or fabricator valuable time on the project.

AutoCAD native entities represent geometrical shapes and text. RAM CADstudio features a number of AutoCAD custom entities representing structural components and annotation graphics:
• Grid systems
• Footings
• Columns
• Beams
• Braces
• Slab edges
• Member labels
• Detail, plan and elevation callouts

The RAM CADstudio entities can be modified with the regular AutoCAD editing commands, such as move, copy, trim, and offset. They respond to these commands in ways that cut down on the number of steps required to make changes. For example, when you move a column, all the columns above it move with it, and the beams and girders framing to those columns stretch themselves and stay connected. If you renumber a detail on a sheet, all references to that detail update themselves.

Columns, beams, and braces can be displayed differently when you look at them in plan, elevation, and 3D, or when they are drawn at different scales. For example, steel members can appear as single lines at small scales in plan and elevation and as multiple lines with more detail at large scales and as extruded sections in 3D. (AutoCAD 2002 does not have this functionality.)

You can share your drawings with AutoCAD users that do not have RAM CADstudio by downloading the freely redistributable RAM CADstudio database extension, or “object enabler”. The object enabler allows the RAM CADstudio entities to maintain their custom behavior without the full installation of RAM CADstudio. Without the object enabler they will see the custom entities as “proxy entities”. In the case of column, beam and braces, the proxy entities can be either single line or extruded sections, depending on a RAM CADstudio setting that you control. These will not change when changing views as they would with the object enabler installed.

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