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Schlumberger Interactive Petrophysics 3.4

Interactive Petrophysics is a portable PC-based software application for reservoir property analysis and summation. From simple workflows such as quality checking log data to performing complex tasks of multi-zone, multi-well petrophysical analyses, Interactive Petrophysics is ideal for both petrophysicists and geologists.

Interactive Petrophysics uses easily understood deterministic and probabilistic models to calculate porosity, water saturation, shale volumes and other properties within user-defined zones. Users can pick parameter and crossplot endpoints directly on the plots, significantly minimizing keyboard entry. As parameters are selected from the log plots, interactive crossplots and histograms, your analysis results update instantly. Interactive Petrophysics enables real time interpretation by allowing connectivity to read WITSML data. And with 3D displays and Montage Builder report utility, the professional presentation of your results couldn\’t be easier.


  • Streamlined workflows using interpretation models, plots and summation reports are achieved through fully interactive parameter and cutoff changes.
  • Complete data editing and petrophysical solutions all in one PC package
  • Portable license allows you to disconnect from your corporate database and work offline
  • Estimate missing data or facies using Neural Networks statistical prediction logic
  • Process fluid substitution for the sand laminations using the new Laminated Fluid Substitution module
  • Quantify uncertainties of log analyses using Monte Carlo simulation
  • Link to many real time data sources for instant interpretation decisions
  • Move into the future with the only commercial saturation height modeling functions
  • Perform dip picking on image logs
  • Calculate water saturation from cased hole sigma data for individual or time-lapsed data sets
  • Interpret T2 array magnetic resonance data for free and bound fluids to calculate permeability
  • Write individual user programs for customized processing workflows

Advanced Modules

  • Mineral Solver

    Enables the experienced user to apply a probabilistic approach to resolve mineralogy, porosity and fluid saturations in complex, multi-mineral lithologies.


  • Monte Carlo Error Analysis

    Uses Monte Carlo simulation to estimate errors in a petrophysical analysis.


  • Saturation Height Modeling

    Allows the calculation of saturation height functions from both capillary pressure data and log data.


  • Statistical Prediction

    Missing curve and facies prediction using Fuzzy Logic, Multiple Linear Regression, or the new Neural Networks module. Uses continuous log curves or discrete facies information from core or other sources in a key well or wells.


  • Pore Pressure Calculations

    Overburden Gradient and Pore Pressure calculations including fracture pressures based on depth reference, input log curves and drilling information.


  • Rock Physics

    Shear sonic, fluid substitution and elastic impedance analysis. The new Laminated Fluid Substitution module allows the user to process fluid substitution for the sand laminations.


  • Log Property Trend Mapping

    The 3D Parameter Viewer brings a new dimension to interpretation QC and output results validation. All interpretation parameters can be visualized on an individual zonal basis, averaged or summed properties can be displayed over multiple zones.


  • Eastern European Resistivity Corrections

    Enables the correction of Normal and Lateral resistivity curve types harnessing the routines developed by the AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland.


Interactive Petrophysics is developed by Senergy with sales marketing and technical support provided by SIS.

Product:Schlumberger Interactive Petrophysics 3.4