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Synopsys Liberty NCX 2008.06 sp2 Linux

Synopsys Liberty NCX 2008.06 sp2 Linux– The Fastest Path to Production Current-Source Libraries

Synopsys推出了其库编译器的升级版本,新增了对该公司复合电流源(CCS)模型的支持。该公司还推出了基于CCS的新型库特征化工具集Liberty NCX。

Library Compiler接受开放源Liberty库格式,并将其编译到Synopsys工具的库内。增强功能包括瞄准CCS的质量保证和模型匹配功能。

Liberty NCX士一种取代Synopsys前特征化工具NanoChar的新型库特征化解决方案。与 NanoChar不同,Liberty NCX直接从底至高而构建以支持CCS。此外,Liberty NCX还包含同时特征化合模型精确度验证能力。

当前的电流模型通过使用电流波形取代库内的延迟和偏移值来提高精确度。然而,目前有两种竞争的电流源格式─ Synopsys的CCS,和由Cadence Design Systems 及 Magma Design Automation支持的有效电流源模型(ECSM)。Hoogenstryd指出,Library Compiler能从CCS模型生成ECSM模型。

Liberty NCX面向代工厂、IDM或IP提供商的内部库开发组织。它包括一个模型特征化引擎、一套库质量校验器及模型转换等功能。

The Liberty™ NCX solution is a complete library delivery system specially architected for current-source models that features anoptimized, single-pass Composite Current Source (CCS) library generation flow that performs simultaneous characterization and model accuracy verification. Liberty NCX also includes a suite of library quality assurance, compaction, merging, scaling and adaptation tools. These tools provide unsurpassed flexibility in delivering verified libraries at scaled voltage or temperature corners for tool flows from multiple vendors. Liberty NCX supports all the latest open-source Liberty modeling innovations approved by the Liberty Technical Advisory Board (TAB).


  • Optimized, single-pass Reference Characterization System for CCS model generation
    • Dynamically adjusts waveform segmentation and simulation settings to ensure highest accuracy CCS models
    • Native base curve compaction ensures smallest .lib file size
    • Supports CCS timing, noise, power, as well as variation-aware (statistical) characterization
    • Simplified, intuitive characterization setup whether it is a new library or a recharacterization of an existing .lib
  • Multi-core support and tight integration with gold-standard HSPICE?simulation deliver industry-leading fast runtimes
  • Model adaptation system that supports model compaction, voltage/temperature scaling and third party current source or legacy non-linear delay model (NLDM) abstraction
  • Supports latest open-source Liberty innovations approved by the Liberty Technical Advisory Board (TAB)

At process technologies of 65 nanometers and below, designers face a plethora of new modeling challenges such as high-impedance interconnect, Miller effect, driver weakening, low power design and increasing process variation. Current-source modeling technology effectively addresses these challenges. Current-source models increase accuracy by using current waveforms instead of delay and slew values in the library. Proper segmentation and verification of current waveforms are crucial to current-source model fidelity. Previous generation library characterization engines were designed for delay and slew measurements and lacked the infrastructure to support efficient current waveform segmentation and verification.
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