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Synopsys CoreTools for IP Reuse Tools 2008.06.SP2

在采用现有 IP核创建系统级芯片(SoC)时,关键是在设计周期之初,在目标环境中快速地配置和验证IP核。在采用多个IP模块和诸如AMBA的芯片级总线进行设计创建时,设计人员需要能够轻易地完成将多个IP模块连接到总线上并进行配置,从而能够将精力集中在设计中新的逻辑电路上。采用了DesignWare IP 重用工具,IP的创建者可以将自己的IP以某种格式进行打包,这种格式将引导IP集成者完成IP的配置、实现和验证。这样,IP集成者就可以用若干小时,而不是若干天的时间来创建复杂的IP模式和子系统,并开始对它们进行验证,从而大大缩短了整个设计周期。
  ● coreBuilder -将IP有效打包
  ● coreConsultant -引导用户完成IP核的配置和集成
  ● coreAssembler -帮助用户创新和管理打包的基于IP的子系统,包括装配、配置和实现

::::::English Description::::::

The Synopsys family of coreTools is a comprehensive set of intellectual property (IP) packaging and integration tools for use in a knowledge-based design and verification flow. The tools enable designers to realize maximum productivity gains when using IP in their desing. By using an IP-based design and verification flow with IP packaged for assembly, the risk configuration, and subsystem integration errors is virtually eliminated, and designers have seen over a 60% reduction in SoC or platform design time and achieve the highest QoR in the implementation of the design.
The coreTool family includes:
coreBuilder™ – a robust packaging tool that allows designers to capture the knowledge and design intent of the IP and provide graphical or command based configuration menus for the IP. It supports the packaging of all the different model views of the IP needed engineering teams. This reduces IP support costs, improves quality and IP packaged with coreBuilder is fully compliant with the IP-XACT specification
coreAssembler™– an open IP assembly tool that automatically generates the interconnect and configured RTL, as well as documenting the block and system configuration details and design testbench. When combined with coreBuilder, entire subsystems can be packaged as coreKits enabling the easy creation configurable market targeted platforms. In addition to assembly and configuration designers are able to generate a starting testbench configured for the design so they can begin to validate there design. coreAssembler also will generate the IP-XACT XML for the design.
coreConsultant™– the utility package for configuring, implementing and validating individual IP blocks packaged with coreBuilder. coreConsultant will also generate the IP-XACT XML for the IP block.

product:Synopsys CoreTools for IP Reuse Tools 2008.06.SP2