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Bentley Plant Object Enablers

Bentley Plant Object Enablers能让远程用户查看和交换Bentley 其他软件的数据。

::::::English Description::::::

Bentley AutoPLANT Object Enabler promotes collaborative data exchange by enabling remote users to view and manipulate drawings created in AutoPLANT Piping, Equipment and Structural applications without the need to install the full native application on their system. By installing Object Enabler, full graphical representation of custom objects display using industry-standard applicatons including Autodesks Volo View Express, 3D Studio VIZ 2.01 and Bentleys AutoPLANT Explorer and Interference Detection application.

Object Enabler Features:

  • Provides true graphic representations of ObjectDBX custom objects unlike approximated representations provided by Proxy Graphics.
  • Eliminates the need to save custom objects as Proxy Graphics, reducing drawing file sizes for easy manageability.
  • Permits dynamic and intelligent graphical view of custom objects including: 3D wire frame, shaded and rendered representations, 2D symbology, single-line representations and vendor-specific custom views
  • Graphical views may also be viewpoint and viewport-specific.
  • Product:Bentley Plant Object Enablers