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CYTEL EAST 5 Better plan even the most complex trials with more clinical trial design, simulation and analysis tools
From Cyrus Mehta, Cytel President, Co-Founder:

“East 5 builds on East’s reputation for versatility and accuracy. Many of the new features in East 5 came from ideas provided by our users, for example better ways to share trial concepts amongst non-statisticians like Split Screen and displaying of multiple graphis to compare results. Helping our customers confidently determine the best design and clearly communicate the design s concepts is what East 5 is all about.”

Recently introduced to East…

23 New Trial Designs
One-Sample, Two-Sample, K-Sample, and Regression Models

9 New Normal End Point Designs
One Sample, Regression, Repeated Measure, Equivalence,
and Crossover

12 New Binomial End Point Designs

Superiority Trials
One Binomial, McNemar, Ratio of Proportions, Odds Ratio of Proportions, Common Odds Ratio of Stratified 2×2 Tales, Equivalence of Proportions, Trend Test, Logistic Regression and Equivalence

Generalized Non-inferiority Trials
Non-inferiority tests for Difference of Proportions, Ratio of Proportions and Odds Ratio of Proportions powered at alternatives other than equality of the two treatments
Survival End Point Design
Cox proportional hazard model to handle covariates

Nonparametric Design
Wilcoxon rank-sum test

Asymmetric Two-Sided Stopping Boundaries
Provides additional flexibility when simultaneously testing for efficacy and safety

Confidence Interval Charts
Now select sample size based on the desired width of the confidence interval

product:CYTEL EAST 5.0