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Bentley AutoPLANT Plant Design XM

::::::English Description::::::Bentley® AutoPLANT Plant Design – includes a powerful suite of tools for designing, managing and operating small and large-scale industrial plant facilities. All plant-related data is stored within a non-proprietary, centralized database providing seamless integration between engineering, document management and related business systems used within the infrastructure.  

Bentley® AutoPLANT Piping – Spec-driven 3D piping design with advanced routing and editing features. Drawing production includes orthographics (plans, elevations and sections), using paperspace viewports and exporting 3D model data to produce finished isometric drawings. Automated Isometric Drawing, (ISOGEN) – Fully-featured automated isometric drawing production features are including in the Piping application. No additional licensing is required. Please refer to the AutoPLANT Help for more information.

Bentley® AutoPLANT Isometrics  – Object-based drawing tools used to create isometric drawings without a 3D model. Easy data sharing with Plant Design modules through a shared centralized project database.

Bentley® AutoPLANT Equipment  – Fast layout and design of intelligent equipment vessels and nozzles. Full pipe connectivity, extensive equipment library and easily designed custom assemblies.

Bentley® AutoPLANT Raceways  – This product was previously named Electrical in version 3.0. Fully-featured 3D electrical layout and design application including conduit and cable tray specifications.

Bentley® AutoPLANT Drawing Flattener – Produces flat, two-dimensional drawings including elevations, plans and sections from the 3D model. Suitable for fast edits on construction drawings.

Bentley Data Manager – Comprehensive data management, reporting and configuration module for the Project-based Query and Reports engines allow users to leverage existing knowledge to produce deliverables regardless of the RDBMS selected for the project environment.

Bentley Vision– Provides unparalleled views of project data and documents as well as the relationship that exists between components, component data and the documents delivered.

Product:Bentley AutoPLANT Plant Design XM