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Nemetschek Allplan Sketch 2008.0 附加包

Allplan 是为建筑师和设计者设计的智能方案。你可以将你的所有设计需要依赖于Allplan ,Nemetschek的 Allplan简单易用,智能的建筑设计软件,提供了建筑物设计和绘图过程的整合方案,适用于大、小建筑商。添加的指南.

::::::English Description::::::

 Allplan Sketch lets you create sketches which you can integrate as bitmaps in Allplan so that they can be edited.
  Allplan Sketch allows you to create drawings to enhance your Allplan presentations. Data can be exchanged quickly and easily. Allplan Sketch comes with a wide range of different types of pen which enable intuitive sketching and let you put your ideas into action. You can quickly create striking freehand sketches and unique presentations. An Allplan file can serve as the backdrop for your work or you can draw directly on Allplan data. The Magic Wand tool provides a convenient way of selecting and editing pixels. Of course, you can navigate Allplan Sketch using the mouse. You can draw pressure-sensitive freehand lines right on a digital drawing board (the D-Board, for example) with a digital pen, just as you do with a pencil and paper. In Allplan, this new add-on module can be found on the Insert menu, which includes the new Allplan Sketch File tool. To open Allplan Sketch, all you need to do is click New Freehand Sketch. If you have already created sketches, you can use the Freehand Sketch from File tool to integrate them in Allplan.

Product:Nemetschek Allplan Sketch 2008.0 附加包