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Nemetschek Allplan 2006.2

::::::English Description::::::


Nemetschek offers  complete IT solutions especially  for building design
   professionals.  Based  on  intelligent components,  our fully integrated
   software  solutions  offer  a   single  solution  whether  your emphasis
   is on CAD, Statics or TAI systems. Our intuitive, object based solftware
   solutions make your planning work more efficient and more competitive so
   you can reach your objectives!

     Allplan BIM v2008.0a:
   Allplan BIM 2008 is an object -oriented 3D planning software package for
   Building Information Modeling (BIM). It covers all  commonly used design
   types,  from simple 2D design  all the way to  virtual building modeling
   with integrated quantity take-off and cost calculation. Unlike any other
   CAD software, Allplan BIM 2008 symbolizes interdisciplinary  planning by
   architects,  construction engineers,  design professionals and  facility
   managers. In addition to traditional exchange formats,  Allplan BIM 2008
   supports PDF and IFC, the  formats of the future,  and  thus  ensures  a
   smooth data exchange process among planning partners.

     Allplan Sketch v2008.0a:
   Allplan Sketch lets you create  sketches  which  you  can  integrate  as
   bitmaps in Allplan so that they can be edited. Allplan Sketch allows you
   to  create  drawings to enhance your  Allplan presentations. Data can be
   exchanged quickly and easily. Allplan Sketch comes with a wide  range of
   different types of pen which enable intuitive sketching and  let you put
   your  ideas  into action.  You  can  quickly  create  striking  freehand
   sketches and  unique  presentations.  An Allplan  file can serve  as the
   backdrop for your work or you can draw directly on Allplan data.

     Allplan BCM v2008.0a (formerly Allright):
   Allplan BCM 2008 is the new name for a new generation of  building  cost
   management software (BCM). The system is based on the  previous product,
   Allright  and  offers  building cost  management, tender,  awarding  and
   invoicing as an integrated solution for planners.

     Allplan IBD v2008.0a (ehemals IntelligenteBauDaten IBD) *GERMAN*:
   Die fachspezifische Baudatenbank zu Allplan und Allplan BCM.
   Allplan IBD sind die ideale Loesung fuer die Nemetschek Planungssoftware
   Allplan BIM  und Allplan BCM.   Diese    umfangreiche,   fachspezifische
   Baudatenbank ist der Schluessel fuer die Anwendung der zukunftsweisenden
   Nemetschek   Planungsmethode   Design2Cost  ?  Planen   und  Entwerfen
   nach Kostengesichtspunkten.

Product:Nemetschek Allplan 2006.2