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FIDES GroundSlab 2007.144

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FIDES GroundSlab 2007.144 can  Calculation and design of foundation plates
– Calculation of foundation plates. Consideration of soil-structure interaction effect with the use of elastic halfspace stiffness
– Any number of foundations, loads, soil profiles, soil layers etc.
– Selection of soil properties from a database
– Very effective graphical interactive input in ground view (with CAD-functionality)
– Elastic halfspace with horizontal stiffness
– Allows upward displacement of the foundation plate and plastification of the soil at the plate edges
– Piles with nonlinear slip and friction properties (under development)
– Robust solver engine from SOFiSTiK finite element analysis series (modules HASE, ASE)
– Results contain mixed text and graphics
– Undo/Redo-function



Product:FIDES GroundSlab 2007.144