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FIDES WALLS Dimensioning.v2012.178

Program for interactive dimensioning of retainment walls incl. dimensioning of anchor- and waler belting.

The dimensioning of retainment walls is a time consuming task. The program WALLS-Dimensioning performs this task with only a few mouse clicks and generates an inspection-oriented printout.

User interface

Clear arranged, interactive user interface
Detailed on-line assistance
Fast and easily operated
Expandable profile data base is provided
Full integration into the program chain WALLS


Dimensioning of all common types of pit lining walls
Berlin wall with wood infill or shotcrete infill
Sheet pile wall
Diaphragm wall
Bored pile wall:

– with straight shotcrete infill checked for bending and/or arch effect

– as arch with curved infill

– with infill constructed form piles and taking automatically into account the effect of com-pressed arch

„Mixed-In-Place“ wall
Dimensioning of the anchors (temporary and/or permanent wire and single bar anchors)
Dimensioning of waling
Profile suggestion from a data base, which fulfills all stress checks
In-situ concrete walls dimensioned according to max. forces and/or selected construction stages in order to graduate the reinforcement
Dimensioning according to the standards DIN 1045, DIN 1045-1, EC2, SIA and OENORM


RTF Format (MS Office compatible)
Direct print output containing mixed text and graphics
Pictures drawn to scale, thus offering good control of the results
Product:FIDES WALLS Dimensioning.v2012.178