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Gehry Digital Project V1R3 SP4.3

Gehry Technologies 是Digital Project TM开发商, Digtail Project TM 作为世界最先进的建筑建模软件, 以CATIA V5平台开发, 于2004年10月发布,目前已被世界上很多顶级的建筑师和工程师所采用以进行一些最复杂, 最有创造性的设计。

::::::English Description::::::

Digital ProjectTM is a revolutionary new software platform for building teams to realize ambitious building projects working through digital technologies. Digital Project products support the lifecycle of construction projects in a common digital environment, from design and engineering to fabrication, construction project management and on site construction activities. Built on high performance technologies that have revolutionized the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries, Digital Project bring the best available digital technologies to distributed project teams collaborating on tough building design and construction projects.

Digital ProjectTM supports the development of a comprehensive project database in a contractually controlled fashion, allows teams to realize the full benefits of building information modeling including:

  • Greatly facilitated visibility by project leadership into the project status, information developed by the extended building team,
  • Cost estimating with accuracy and confidence,
  • Integration of financial and other project management data with project geometry,
  • Dramatic reduction of errors, omissions, and rework in the field,
  • Up to date coordination and delivery of project data team-wide,
  • Integration between AE documentation and fabrication or construction activities,
  • Reduced transaction costs (e.g. paper printing and re-work).

Product:Gehry Digital Project V1R3 SP4.3
Platform:/WinNT/2000/XP/Win 64