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Bentley HAMMER XM 08.09.400.34

HAMMER 揭开了水锤和瞬态分析这一复杂科学的神秘面纱,并使您能够轻松自如地完成水锤和瞬态分析这一重要工程。

利用 HAMMER 计算精确的水力引擎和简单易用的界面可以高效地识别、管理和降低与瞬态相关的风险。

  • 制定经济有效的喘振控制策略
  • 防止巨额基础设施损坏
  • 削减施工、运营和维护预算
  • 模拟任何过电压保护设备
  • 最大限度地减少管道磨损
  • 模拟任何瞬态条件
  • 确保能够长期使用给水系统
  • 为停电做好准备并最大限度地减少服务中断

使用 HAMMER 可以直接连接WaterCAD 和 WaterGEMS 并从 EPANET 导入数据,从而消除费时的建模需求。

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HAMMER demystifies the complex science of water hammer and transient analysis and puts the power to perform this critical work in your hands.

Trust HAMMER s computationally rigorous hydraulic engine and easy-to-use interface to efficiently identify, manage, and mitigate the risks associated with transients.

  • Develop cost-effective surge control strategies
  • Prevent costly infrastructure damage
  • Trim construction, operation and maintenance budgets
  • Model any surge protection device
  • Minimize wear and tear on pipes
  • Simulate any transient condition>
  • Ensure the longevity of your water system
  • Prepare for power failures and minimize service interruptions

HAMMER lets you interface directly with WaterCAD and WaterGEMS and import data from EPANET, eliminating the need for time-consuming model building. 

Product:Bentley HAMMER XM 08.09.400.34