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Bentley speedikon Project Editor


Bentley speedikon Project Editor CAD工程数据管理和编辑工具

可以查看,编辑和评价speedikon建筑模型数据和刚体的属性通过最低限度的努力。不像那些生动地面向方案CAD系统,如speedikon ,采用MicroStation或AutoCAD,现有的全部固形物在speedikon项目,可列表,复制,删除其性质或属性,经常性的变化,也可自动地帮助完成一个控制文件。该projecteditor不需要安装speedikon计算机辅助设计,因为它存取项目数据直接。由于它的直观操作和创新概念, projecteditor有助于简化并加快规划和编辑的过程。它也有利于减少出错的风险,在录入,并作为编辑服务和控制仪器,以确保高水平的数据质量.

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 Viewing, editing and evaluating speedikon building model data and solid attributes with a minimum of effort. Unlike graphically oriented CAD systems such as speedikon, MicroStation or AutoCAD, all of the existing solids in the speedikon projects can be listed, copied,  deleted or their properties or attributes comfortably edited with this  very effective tool that uses an alphanumeric user interface (similar to Excel). Recurring changes can also be automated with the help of a control file. The ProjectEditor does not require a speedikon CAD installation as it accesses the project data directly. Thanks to its intuitive operation and the innovative concept behind it, the ProjectEditor helps to simplify and accelerate the planning and editing process. It also helps reduce the risk of error during inputting and, as an editing service and control instrument, ensures a high level of data quality in the entire workflow. After all, planning means making changes…

Product:Bentley speedikon Project Editor