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Bentley Ifill For Microstation XM

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An intelligent translator for MicroStation DGN files, iFill quickly converts unfilled “see-through” DGNs from pen table information to WYSIWYG on your screen. No more wondering what a plot or presentation will look like. WYSIWYG is a fast and easy way of working with the end result on the screen before it is published or plotted. What You See is What You Get

With Bentley iFill, you can decrease checkplots by as much as 90 percent and increase your productivity within MicroStation through working WYSIWYG. 

iFill can read IPLOT pen tables automatically and convert plot patterns to associative patterns by cells while providing intelligent symbology and ordering of legacy tables. When used in conjunction with Bentley CADscript, you can also easily convert RGB data to CYMK. Bentley iFill takes the guess work out of plotting.

Product:Bentley Ifill For Microstation XM