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3D Profiler Tools 11.2 For Archicad 11

 3D Profiler Tools 11.2 用于Archicad 11中3D物体轮廓加工插件。

::::::English Description:::::: 

3D Profiler Tools 11.2:                                                 
The ultimate profiler tool to enable profiles (shapes) to be extruded through a number of points in free space.            
The profiles can be totally managed via Profile Manager  which is a part of the package. Many preset profiles are  provided.

The ultimate 3D profiler tool

Extrude profile sections along paths in free space

Many preset profiles are provided, including a range of common steel sections

Additional Profiles can be created on-the-fly

Example applications include:

  • Custom
    building components
  • Shaped trims & scotia
  • Furniture mouldings
  • Cabling & piping
  • Hardware and fittings

All Profiles are available for use by objects that support 3D Profiler s technology

Profiles are managed via Profile Manager which is an integral part of the package

Product:3D Profiler Tools 11.2 For Archicad 11