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Dimsoln Shaft 3D 3.0.0

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 Shaft3D is a shaft foundation design program that completes the design of a shaft in seconds. Drilled Shaft, also commonly known as Drilled Pier or Caisson, is a foundation design type commonly used in areas with poor shallow soils. With Shaft3D, you can complete your complex work process from inputting loads to obtaining a detailed design sketch in a matter of seconds. Shaft3D supports following features and functions: Allows multiple system of units for input and output – English, Metric and SI Considers design of both straight and belled shaft sections Allows input of multiple soil layers with different values of soil properties for each layer Considers buoyancy effects in the calculation of bearing pressures and stability ratios Accepts unlimited type and number of load cases Accepts unlimited type and number of factored and unfactored load combinations Allows input of axial loads and biaxial bending Completes both rigid and finite element analysis of the shaft Completes axial capacity analysis using various methods for computing end bearing and skin resistance Displays critical parameters along the length of the shaft such as lateral deflections, soil pressures, shear forces and bending moments Completes lateral analysis of any type of shaft such as a hollow steel tube or concrete shaft or any other Completes concrete design based on rigid and finite element analysis Allows you to choose the type of analysis for reinforcement selection in a concrete shaft Provides multiple choices of longitudinal and tie rebar arrangement Allows the user to change the longitudinal and tie rebar arrangement Accepts anchor bolt arrangement for display on sketches Generates material quantities Generates a detailed design sketch of foundation plan, elevation and a section through the shaft showing reinforcement Generates a detailed input and output report with report customization capability

Product:Dimsoln Shaft 3D 3.0.0