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TNO Automotive MadyXML v1.3.1

MadyXML则是TNO韩国分公司开发的一款MADYMO XML 编辑器和3D查看器。可辅助你快速地建立模型,特别是建立系统,转动连接处,转化以及定位模型。

::::::English Description::::::

MadyXML is the XML editor and 3D viewer of MADYMO3D.  From the version 6.0 of MADYMO 3D, XML is used for the input file. MadyXML is a XML-based graphic editing  viewer. MadyXML will help you to make models especially for building systems, rotating joints, translating and locating models.                       

Product:TNO Automotive MadyXML v1.3.1