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Bentley Geospatial Extension v08.09.03.19

  Geospatial Extension是一款适用于Microstation平台的强大功能产品,提供友好界面使复杂的工作变得简单。为地科家在Microstation上规划,主要提升产值,并且提供自然与简单的工作环境。::::::English Description::::::Geospatial Extension is a powerful product that provides a user-friendly interface to make complex tasks easier. The examples demonstrate the easy use of Geospatial Extension basic functionality  with simple, step-by-step instructions. The QuickStart Guide focuses on Geospatial Extension project-related functions and works with the sample Mytown database, or with the Mytown export file, which does not  require a database connection. This QuickStart Guide is a supplement to the full set of Geospatial Extension documentation. is a key engineering product and forms the foundation for discipline-specific applications.    By configuring MicroStation for geoengineering use, it significantly   increases user productivity and offers a more natural and easy-to-use environment for users in geoengineering than plain MicroStation elements and operations. With this engineering configuration included with MicroStation, independent software developers can take advantage of high-level functionality to increase application performance and reduce  development time. Finally, using this engineering configuration facilitates the migration to component-based modeling.    

Product:Bentley Geospatial Extension v08.09.03.19