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GGU Retain v4.42

GGU-RETAIN allows the analysis of sheet pile walls, soldier pile walls and in-situ concrete
walls (bored pile walls, diaphragm walls and contiguous pile walls).
The application is essentially based on the Recommendations of the Working Group for Excava-
tions (German: EAB) and the Recommendations of the Committee for Waterfront Structures (EAU
2004). Virtually all the cases considered by the Working Groups are included as examples. A
special feature of the application is automatically finding the earth-pressure redistribution values
suggested by the EAB. For analysis and design both the global safety factor concept to DIN 1054
(old) and the new partial safety factor concept to DIN 1054 (new) may be taken into considera-
tion. Details of special features can be found in Section 2 of this manual.
The application is designed to allow simple data input or modification. The input is immediately
shown on the screen, giving you optimum control over what you are doing. Graphics output sup-
ports the true-type fonts supplied with WINDOWS, so that excellent layout is guaranteed. Colour
output and graphics (e.g. files in formats BMP, JPG, PSP, TIF, etc.) are supported. DXF files can
also be imported by means of the integrated Mini-CAD module (see the \”Mini-CAD\” manual).
Product:GGU Retain v4.42