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Bentley Microstation Prerequisite Pack

The MicroStation V8 XM Edition Software Prerequisite pack package must be run before the installation of MicroStation V8 XM Edition or any of the MicroStation V8 XM Edition derivative products (Bentley View XM Edition, Bentley Redline XM Edition, or MicroStation PowerDraft XM Edition). It is merely an installation sequence of various Microsoft packages that must be in place before MicroStation V8 XM Edition or its derivative products will install and run correctly.

Contents Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 and various .NET service packs and hot fixes
DirectX 9c
MSXML 4 with Service Pack 2
VBA 6.4
Windows Installer 3.1v2

Copyrights in all components are owned by Microsoft Corporation or one of its affiliates, subsidiaries or licensors.

The MicroStation V8 XM Edition Software Prerequisite Pack requires a minimum of 400MB to install all of its components.

Important Note: It is highly recommended that you close any programs and disable any antivirus software that is running prior to the installation of this software. Be sure to turn your antivirus software back on again when you are finished.
Product:Bentley Microstation Prerequisite Pack