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Synopsys Sold 2007.06

Synopsys Online Documentation——Synopsys的在线文档。

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3-Dimensional Optical Lithography Simulation
SOLID E is a window-based software package for simulating and modeling all the processes and techniques involved in optical microlithography. It is able to simulate the evolution of three-dimensional topographical features in integrated circuit devices throughout the various phases of the microlithography process. Due to its sound physical approach it has a high predictive power, enabling lithography engineers to draw on simulation results to optimize the process technology. This helps to increase the yield and to fully exploit the capabilities of existing equipment. SOLID E is the only lithography simulator on the market capable of simulating wafer topography in three dimensions.

SOLID E with M-module – models photomasks and accurately predicts light propagation through phase-shift and binary masks, helping users develop specifications for mask production. With speed and accuracy, handles any 3D feature of a topographic mask and simulates resist imaging. Process-flow oriented, it allows easy support for multiple exposures.


SOLID E with T-module – provides non-rigorous simulation of light propagation over topographic wafer structures. With this highly precise predictive power, chipmakers can identify and overcome optical effects that can negatively influence critical dimension (CD) control.


SOLID E with rT-module – provides rigorous simulation of light propagation over topographic wafer structures. The new RENFT algorithm increases speed for 3Dsimulations.


SOLID E with M-module and T-module – combines the strengths of the M-module and T-module. Applications include virtually all exposure steps, but primarily those using strong phase-shifting masks. SOLID E with M-module and T-module calculates the electromagnetic field in and around the reticle and transfers it through the optical system onto the wafer. Like SOLID E with T-module, it takes into account the image formation in a topographical scenario.

Virtual Imaging Tool for Layout Verification / Optimization
SOLID+ is based on proven SOLID E technology, extended to offer greater flexibility and configurability with the addition of outstanding new features: SOLID+ sets a new standard. SOLID+ advanced features bridge the gap between traditional lithography simulation and the world of chip design. SOLID+ uses next-generation algorithms that increase the performance of the imaging by up to 3 orders of magnitude with no compromise in accuracy. This allows simulations of areas up to cell size (20 祄 x 20 祄).

3D fully rigorous electromagnetic field simulation
The main challenge in EUV lithography simulation is to accurately treat diffraction of light from the multi-layer substrate and the absorption in the mask. Normal electro-magnetic field solvers are not well suited for this purpose as CPU time tends to become prohibitive. SOLID-EUV incorporates a fully rigorous 3D electromagnetic field simulator with an analytical solution in order to cope with the specialties of EUV lithography with high accuracy on reasonable field sizes. SOLID EUV – models EUV lithography, enabling the research and development of processes and technologies that can be used in EUV imaging tools. Using this simulation software, researchers can determine the printability of mask defects, and characterize specifications for masks, mask substrates and lens quality before EUV hardware is commercially available.

product:Synopsys Sold 2007.06