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PowerCAD ARCHITECT V5.2(architects drafters design)

PowerCAD® Architect offers unrivalled value, power and AutoCAD® compatibility in a fast and easy to use system created by builders and designers for builders and designers. PowerCAD Architect is the perfect tool for architects, drafters, design consultants, builders, building supply companies, renovators, contractors, real-estate professionals, professional hobbyists, educators and anyone else needing to quickly and easily create residential or light construction building designs.PowerCAD Architect Features Instantly usable with selectable interfaces for novice, advanced, and AutoCAD® familiar users. Works in AutoCAD native DWG® format, with extended support for DXF®, and FLX® formats. Easily implemented in a shared AutoCAD or AutoCAD Architectural Desktop® environment. Simultaneous creation of \”single-model\” 2 and 3D building design elements with multiple views. Intelligent walls, windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, plumbing, electrical, stairs, and roofs. Automated mono and stem footing creation via graphic tracing or selecting existing walls. Automated hip and gable roof creation with variable pitch, overhang and fascia settings. Automated room and area calculations with construction notes. Over 5,000 industry standard 2D/3D symbols, graphically presented for insertion at any scale. PowerBAR one-button access to precision tools, viewing options and core design functions. Built-in PowerCAD Professional™ CAD system with over 300 general-purpose CAD commands. Exclusive VoiceNOTE™ project collaboration function to record and playback audio notes. Built-in freehand and callout redlining and drawing markup functions. Uses AutoCAD standards for layers, text, lines, blocks, entities and external drawing reference. Intuitive 3D viewing options including animated rendering with real-time zoom, pan and rotate. Instant shading and hidden line removal, with bitmap export of views to other Windows software. Raster image import and underlay capability with support for common file formats. Associative dimensioning and hatching with over 100 architectural hatch patterns. Single line, multi-line and dynamic text entry with support for AutoCAD SHX® and Windows True Type fonts. Visual multi-view plan sheet layout with print previews and unattended batch plotting. Completely customizable with visual interface editor and Lisp, C/C++ and Delphi application programming APIs. Extensive built-in help system, with step-by-step tutorials and web-based demo/training movies. Fully compatible with PowerCAD CE™ \”go anywhere\” mobile/wireless CAD system
Product:PowerCAD ARCHITECT V5.2(architects drafters design)