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DNASTAR Lasergene 7.1.Win2KXP

[img][/img]DNASTAR Lasergene software consists of an integrated suite of seven modules that can be purchased in any combination. The modules of Lasergene are:» SeqBuilder – visualization and sequence editing Video» SeqMan Pro – sequence assembly and SNP discovery Video» MegAlign – sequence alignment» PrimerSelect – oligo primer design» Protean – protein structure analysis & prediction» GeneQuest – gene finding» EditSeq – utility for importing unusual file typesThe Data Manager enables data integration between the Lasergene modules so that edits, additions and deletions made to a sequence in one module will synchronize and automatically update when opened in most other modules.Flexible licensing allows Lasergene to run as a standalone application or, for multiple user environments, to run with a networked license server using either our built-in licensing software or KeyServer from Sassafras. We also support organization-wide site licenses for many major research organizations. Our standard license allows users to perform internal research using Lasergene software; however, we also offer special terms for use of Lasergene by internal core facilities or for commercial purposes.
product:DNASTAR Lasergene 7.1.Win2KXP