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IES ShapeBuilder 4.00.0012

珩架结构计算分析的工具, 可快速计算出各种几何属性及受力状况: 组合横截面面积, 惯性距, 弹性模量, 扭转系数, 剪切中心, 等等。[img] [/img] ShapeBuilder calculates geometric section properties,like area, moment of inertia, etc. It handles multiple materials and composite sections. ShapeBuilder also performs advanced stress analysis, cracked analysis,and calculates the strength of reinforced concrete sections. ShapeBuilder is a powerful utility for anyone who needs to calculate geometric or structural properties of plane areas. The primary purpose of ShapeBuilder is to help engineers determine properties of custom or combined sections for structural design. The tool is useful for architects, forensic engineers,mechanical engineers, and others needing to calculate the properties of irregular plane areas. ShapeBuilder goes way beyond a simple calculator though, offering advanced stress distribution analysis, cracked reinforced concrete analysis and capacities, as well as significant aides for understanding torsional behavior of thin-walled, open,cross-sections.
Product:IES ShapeBuilder 4.00.0012