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Synopsys Hspice 2021.09

Synopsys Hspice 2021.09 for linux

he Gold Standard for Accurate Circuit Simulation

As the ‘golden accuracy’ cornerstone of the PrimeSim™ Continuum, HSPICE®, now PrimeSim HSPICE, is seamlessly integrated with and empowered by other simulation engines in the continuum. PrimeSim HSPICE is the industry’s ‘gold standard’ for accurate circuit simulation and offers foundries-certified MOS device models with state-of-the-art simulation and analysis algorithms. With extensive usage in chip/package/board/backplane signal integrity simulation, cell and memory characterization, and analog mixed signal IC design, PrimeSim HSPICE is the industry’s most popular, trusted and comprehensive circuit simulator.

PrimeSim Pro delivers industry leading performance and capacity for DRAM, Flash memory and mixed-signal verification

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