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Synopsys Coretools vR-2020.12 SP4

Synopsys Coretools vR-2020.12 SP4

The Synopsys family of coreTools is a comprehensive set of intellectual property (IP) packaging and integration tools for

use in a knowledge-based design and verification flow. The tools enable designers to realize maximum productivity gains

when using IP in their desing. By using an IP-based design and verification flow with IP packaged for assembly, the risk

configuration, and subsystem integration errors is virtually eliminated, and designers have seen over a 60% reduction in

SoC or platform design time and achieve the highest QoR in the implementation of the design.

The coreTool family includes:

coreBuilder™ – a robust packaging tool that allows designers to capture the knowledge and design intent of the IP

and provide graphical or command based configuration menus for the IP. It supports the packaging of all the different

model views of the IP needed engineering teams. This reduces IP support costs, improves quality and IP packaged with

coreBuilder is fully compliant with the IP-XACT specification.

coreAssembler™– an open IP assembly tool that automatically generates the interconnect and configured RTL, as well as

documenting the block and system configuration details and design testbench. When combined with coreBuilder, entire

subsystems can be packaged as coreKits enabling the easy creation configurable market targeted platforms. In addition

to assembly and configuration designers are able to generate a starting testbench configured for the design so they can

begin to validate there design. coreAssembler also will generate the IP-XACT XML for the design.

coreConsultant™– the utility package for configuring, implementing and validating individual IP blocks packaged with

coreBuilder. coreConsultant will also generate the IP-XACT XML for the IP block.


Intuitive graphical or script-based environment

Built-in interfaces to Synopsys tools, including:

Design Compiler ®

Physical Compiler ®

Power Compiler ®

TetraMAX ®

PrimeTime ®

Formality ®


Automatic testbench generation with DesignWare VIP for

AMBA and AXI which supports VMM and/or traditional


Supports mixed-language HDL designs

Flexible TCL interface for tool customization

Knowledge-based assembly of IP blocks

Full IP-XACT support including TGI with automatic XML



Full support for packaging, integrating, and assembling IP

Allows packaging of IP at multiple levels of abstraction,



Instruction set models

Transaction level models

Bus functional models

Verification test suites

Hard macros

Automatic assembly of pre-designed IP blocks reduces

design time

Reduces design integration and support costs

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