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Concepts NREC MAX-PAC 8.7.8

Concepts NREC MAX-PAC 8.7.8

Concepts NREC, the world’s leading turbomachinery software, design, development, testing and manufacturing company, is proud to announce the release of version 8.7 of its Agile Engineering Design System.

The Agile Engineering Design System is a single environment of software modules for designing and manufacturing turbomachinery. The system seamlessly transfers data between modules and enables our customers to optimize their designs, based on the impact to cost, machining time, and performance.

The 8.7 release features new capabilities in every module, with a focus on making the software easier to use, faster, and more accurate. This release also expands the types of components that can be designed, optimized and manufactured. One of the new capabilities in 8.7 is the ability to design and model labyrinth seals in secondary flow passages as well as radial turbine twin scrolls. Another feature is the automated meshing and CFD solutions, in our FINE/Agile product, have been extended to include virtually all geometry that AxCent can generate. Our TurboOPT II link has been enhanced, allowing for the optimization of mechanical geometry, casing treatments, volutes and cooled turbine geometry. Version 8.7 also includes the first functionality to design and analyze impellers with hollow geometry, made possible by additive manufacturing.

Version 8.7 of our CAM software, MAX-PAC, closes the gap between specialized CAM for turbomachinery and the capabilities of a general-purpose CAM package. Many general CAD features to create and analyze geometry inside of MAX-PAC have been added. Other upgrades include tool import from CAD models, new barrel cutter finishing options, and more flexible finishing strategies for impellers and blisks.

Product:Concepts NREC MAX-PAC 8.7.8