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Trimble Tekla Structural Designer 2019i SP1 v19.1.1.42

Trimble Tekla Structural Designer 2019i SP1 v19.1.1.42

Defect number Development area Description
TSAC-2771, TSAC-2769 Concrete components

In Floor layout, the component attribute file list is now properly shown for all components. Previously, it was not properly shown for Mesh

bars, for example.

TSAC-2700 Concrete components


Panel (64) no longer creates meshes if you do not enter any value to the Ht to layer option.

TSAC-2509 Concrete components

In Wall

panel reinforcement, the Picture tab now has a minimum bar length option that you can use for filtering rebars smaller than the defined length.

TSAC-2507 Concrete components

In Wall

panel reinforcement, a new offset type has been added for both the top and bottom corner reinforcement.

TSAC-2457 Concrete components

In Reinforced concrete

stair (95), the offsets for Bar J are now applied properly.

TSAC-2435 Concrete components

In Reinforced concrete

stairs (95), the stairs part now has a new STAIR_WIDTH_TOTAL UDA

that counts the total stair width including the stringers.

TSAC-2410 Concrete components

Seam applicator now again loads custom component


TSAC-1896 Concrete components

In Detailing manager, the Filter and Attribute lists now show long filter and attribute file names correctly when you open the lists. When you have selected a filter or an attribute file with a long name that does not fit in the list box and place the mouse pointer on the name, the whole name is now shown in a tooltip.

TSAC-1835 Concrete components

Sloping slab

drainage now works correctly on slabs with recesses.

TSAC-2805 Steel components

In Haunch

(40), the creation of chamfers has now been improved in situations where the hauch is created as a profile.

TSAC-2742 Steel components

In Round joining plates (124), the antimaterial in the hole

which creates a cut in the base plate

is no longer shown in drawings.

TSAC-2661 Steel components

In Two sided clip angle

(143), the Same bolt length for all option now works correctly for all the bolts the component creates.

TSAC-2603 Steel components

In Two sided clip angle

(143), the extra length of bolts is now correctly applied when a different number of bolts is created on the secondary parts.

TSAC-2541 Steel components

In Stairs (S71), step chamfers now work correctly.

TSAC-2490 Steel components

In Full depth S (185), the gap

between the tab plate

and the main part

flanges is now correctly applied when the main part is a C or U profile.

TSAC-2467 Steel components

In Tube gusset

(20), the cut creation has been improved in cases when the gusset plate

runs through the main part


TSAC-2349 Steel components

In Railings (S77), top rail part cut

creation has been improved.

TSAC-303 Steel components

In Stiffeners (1034), the width and height of stiffeners is now correctly applied.

TSAC-270 Steel components

In Haunch

(40), weld 7 is now created correctly in situations where the haunch is created as a profile.

TTSD-25076 Import, export, interoperability

Reference models: Tekla Structures crashed when you pressed the Pick button in the Add model dialog box while hiding the existing reference files. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-24848 Import, export, interoperability

Tekla Structures now contains DWG plug-in version 1.42.

TTSD-24524 Import, export, interoperability

IFC2x3 export: Curved rebars are now exported with more accurate geometry when you use the Surface geometry export type.

TTSD-24392 Import, export, interoperability

The performance of the reference model

insert has been improved when the Tekla Structures model already contains non-visible unloaded reference models. After the fix, non-visible reference models are not loaded anymore in the reference model insert.

TTSD-24321 Import, export, interoperability

When you refresh reference models that have been created with previous versions of Tekla Structures, the reference model

information is now updated to match the version of Tekla Structures that you are currently using.

TTSD-24298 Import, export, interoperability

Drawing DWG export now outputs the Romsim font in a size that is closer to the one you see in the drawing.


Product:Trimble Tekla Structural Designer 2019i SP1 v19.1.1.42