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What\’s New Highlights

Features Moving from Technology Preview to Commercial Release Status

  • Raster Custom Line Styles

Bing Map Support in Scalable Meshes

Scalable mesh files (.3sm) can now be textured with Bing Maps.

Change Element Attributes Added to the <Space> Pop-up

The change element attributes tool button is now added to the pop-up that opens with the <space> key, making the tool more convenient to access and use.

Publish and Print to ProjectWise Share

You can now Publish iModels and Print PDF\’s directly to ProjectWise Share when you are in a CONNECTED Project making the availability of these files to all project team members.  This functionality replaces the deprecated Publish and Print to Personal Share option.

LumenRT CONNECT Edition Update 4

MicroStation CONNECT Edition update 8 comes with the new LumenRT CONNECT Edition Update 4 as a Companion Product. LumenRT CONNECT Edition Update 4 introduces lots of new features, such as 180 degrees stereo rendering, 3sm clips and URLs support. See LumenRT CONNECT Edition Update 4’s What’s New for more detail and this LumenRT blog post.

Revit 2018 File Support

You can now import, attach, or place an RFA file that was created in Revit 2018.

Technology Previews

Shrinkwrap Mesh Tool

The new shrinkwrap mesh tool allows to generate a water-tight mesh version of existing 3D models.

Text Favorite Manager

The Text Favorite Manager allows a more efficient way to create, edit, manage and delete text favorites.  The Text Favorite Manager also expands support for element property types to provide a reusable property driven annotations. See the following Blog post for more information on the Text Favorite Manager.