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Structural Synchronizer x64 build

LumenRT Update 11 build

Bentley Systems announces the general access of the ProStructures CONNECT Edition V10 Update 2 structural detailing application, which now incorporates the capabilities of the ProSteel and ProConcrete applications.

ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 2 – Release Notes:

What\’s New Highlights



– for ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 2 configuration refer to ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 2 Configuration Setup Guide

. Here, you will find more about:

Basic information about CONNECT Edition configuration

What changed moving from V8i WorkSpaces to the CONNECT Edition Configuration

How to work with the new setup

Customization beyond what is delivered in ProStructures

Important: If you are installing any ProStructures CONNECT Edition other than Update 2, use the "ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 1 Configuration Setup Guide" or the "ProStructures CONNECT Edition Configuration Setup Guide" to configure ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 1 or CONNECT Edition respectively.


– ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 2 is compatible with ProjectWise CONNECT Edition Update 3.0 ( and Update 3.1 (

– For a complete compatibility metrics for design modeling products see ProjectWise Version Support Matrix

Structural Synchronizer

– ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 2 is compatible with Structural Synchronizer CONNECT Edition Update 2 (

DgnDB iModel Importer

– ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 2 is compatible with iModel publishing 1.6

Resolved issues

– For general bug fixes and stability improvements, please refer to the list of Resolved Issues in ProStructures CONNECT Edition Update 2.

– Also, be sure to visit ProStructures forum on Bentley Communities to keep up to date with the latest information on Blogs, Wiki\’s, Announcements and Support Forums.

The Positioning tool is now available on both the Steel and Concrete ribbons ( Steel | Concrete > Drawing Production | Data/Reporting > Numbering)


NC DSTV improvements

– Generate NC for unfolded flanged plates with single bend.

– Concentric holes are intercepted and reported in the log file for BO (holes) blocks.

– Inner contour calculations for complicated circular inner cuts.

– Refined M profile edge preparation .

– Higher precision calculation for saw length of shapes.

DetailCenter improvements

– Fractional dimensions now can be optionally controlled from MicroStation styles or from within the DetailStyle

– new fraction style option is added to ProSteel place label command.

– Revision Center is now quickly accessible via the ribbon (Steel > Drawing Production > Detailing). Previously accessible only from Detail Center.

– The Drawing Verification feature now generates two reports in the form of the OriginInsertionStructure.txt and VerifiedInsertionStructure.txt log files for all workshop drawings linked drawings in model.

New connections

– Stiffener Distribution tool is introduced as a Technology Preview. Used for creating multiple stiffeners and placing them distributed along a steel shape.

– Cross Bolting tool is introduced as a Technology Preview. Used for creating cross bolting connections between shapes and plates

External Partlist

– The need to detect part differences before generating external partlist databases can now be achieved via Position Number Checks introduced in the Partlist Creation workflow. Equal Part Settings along with the Edit Compare Criteria button allow you to manage the checking of component parts. Desired criteria selection and comparison methods are set in the Positionflags and Positioning Rules dialog.