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Technodigit 3DReshaper 2018 v18.08

Technodigit 3DReshaper 2018 v18.08

3DReshaper is the easy-to-use and versatile software solution dedicated to processing any type of point clouds in a wide array of applications. From point cloud to deliverables, from engineering to heritage, from surveying to manufacturing, 3DReshaper is the complete toolbox to meet your 3D modeling and inspection needs.


The use of 3D Scanning and imaging in architectural survey applications has become more and more common, among which restoration of existing buildings, digital archiving, facilities management, land use and infrastructure policy. Any project that requires accurate as-built information can benefit from 3DReshaper.

art et patrimoine

Art & Cultural Heritage

3D scanners are quite often used for preserving, interpreting and reproducing the heritage. Thanks to 3DReshaper and its powerful 3D meshing features, making your data workable from the millions of points of your scans will be easy.

modelisation numerique de terrains

Digital Terrain Model

If your customer deliverables include a Digital Terrain Map (DTM), then 3DReshaper is the tool of choice for easy to use ground extraction, contour mapping, and breaking line extraction.


Product:Technodigit 3DReshaper 2018 v18.08