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CIMNE GiD Professional v14.0.1

CIMNE GiD Professional v14.0.1

Managing Changes on Silo Systems

In cases where organisations are not working from a centralised system, and each department is working with their own defined systems, a corporate gazetteer will push out any updates to all the different systems on an automated schedule that best suits the business (daily, weekly, monthly etc). These updates can also be filtered based on data content ensuring only the relevant information is being pushed out. For example, one system may require updates for all addresses, and another may only need residential addresses.

The result is that whichever system is using the data, it will always get the most up-to-date address, and then have any address already stored kept up-to-date with changes that happen at a national level. This model is a proven and tested one and exists in multiple public and private sector organisations.

A corporate gazetteer provides the building blocks for increasing efficiency both in terms of reducing costs, maximising income and safeguarding staff and the public.

A few years ago, West Yorkshire Police found themselves at an address management crossroads when new divisional boundaries were introduced, and Ordnance Survey’s legacy address products were being withdrawn. Their requirement was to be able to access and share the most up-to-date address data for the UK, that would not only integrate seamlessly with their Incident Records Management System and their Command and Control System, but would also allow them to upload and share local intelligence data. West Yorkshire Police have been able to achieve this by utilising an Aligned Assets corporate gazetteer tailored for their needs.

product:CIMNE GiD Professional v14.0.1