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Stoner Pipeline Simulator(SPS) 10.04

Stoner Pipeline Simulator(SPS) 10.04

SPS – Stoner Pipeline Simulator

SPS easily handles any combination of scenarios including control system analysis, equipment performance analysis or pressure flow capacity analysis with user-defined levels of complexity.

The SPS family includes a complete range of compatible simulation solutions from the planning desktop through operator training and qualification, and into online systems including leak detection and predictive simulation.

With the help of additional modules, SPS functionality grows as your needs expand.


– Composition and Properties Trace;

– Thermal simulation;

– Price Calculation;

– Maximum and Minimum Pressure Reports;

– Model Slack Line Conditions;

Typical applications of SPS Off line:

– Capacity Studies;

– Procedures analysis for Start and Stop;

– Outbreak Analysis;

– Economic studies of strategies for design / operation;

– Control Systems Design;

– Pipe expansion;

– Time studies on the Survival Time on Gas Delivery System;

– Leaks Simulation;

– Procedures for emergency stop;


product:Stoner Pipeline Simulator(SPS) 10.04