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Design software for mechanical engineering applications

KISSsoft AG develops design software for engineers and designers in a wide variety of fields: whether they manufacture cable car systems, gears for construction equipment, Formula 1 race car transmissions or the tiny gears used in Mars rovers, more and more companies all over the world have come to rely on KISSsoft design software.

When used in keeping with currently valid standards (DIN, ISO, AGMA), our software serves as a quick, high-quality tool for sizing machine elements, reviewing calculations, determining component strength, and documenting safety factors and product life parameters. The following pages provide a detailed look at KISSsoft products.

KISSsoft AG belongs now to the Gleason Corporation!

Gleason Corporation is the market leader in gear-
manufacturing machines. Joining it now enables us to offer our customers a comprehensive and complete package. This consists of KISSsoft AG\’s software for sizing and analyzing all types of gears, and producing gear unit solutions, and Gleason Corporation\’s hardware for manufacturing gears of all kinds.

We provide our customers with the optimum solution, thanks to the added value created by directly integrating the design and production expertise from the two companies.