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Schlumberger Techlog 2017.2_Techlog Wellbore Software Platform

Schlumberger Techlog 2017.2
Capitalize on your well investment

Data acquired in wellbores is intricate, varied, and represents a significant investment. It is imperative to capitalize on that investment, whether you are working on your first deepwater exploration well or delivering a comprehensive drilling program in a shale gas play. With the Techlog platform, you can bring all of your wellbore data into one highly intuitive application to carry out analyses. In addition to offering advanced modules for domain experts, the Techlog platform provides a solid foundation for generalist users to review and analyze the data. It supports complex workflows across multiple disciplines.
Leverage advanced technology in real time

The Techlog platform dynamically incorporates the latest data from the well site for review and detailed analysis. Data can be streamed directly from the well site for real-time processing and instantaneous analysis as the well is drilled, aiding decision making during operations.
Upscale with confidence

The best-in-class science delivered through the Techlog platform enables analysis of all available wellbore data at its acquisition scale and enables those data to be upscaled with confidence. A petrophysicist can leverage high-resolution data to examine the orientation of fractures as well as evaluating resistive qualities of those fractures to understand fluid flow in and around the wellbore. No longer are azimuthally sensitive log measurements required to “make do” with 2D displays. The Techlog platform provides new ways of visualizing the near-wellbore formation model.

Detailed 3D interpretations maximize the value of all the sophisticated data collected in modern wells. This single well model is then used to create a multiwell interpretation that provides the input to a simulation model to evaluate dynamic behavior in the reservoir.​​​​
Your Answers—Delivered

Backed by the world’s largest oil and gas measurement acquisition company, the Techlog platform is used extensively to process, interpret, and prepare answer products for you. By working in the same software, these answers can be delivered faster, with more contextual information, and with complete transparency.

Today, more technology than ever before is coming to the platform—enabling you to do more, with greater efficiency and automation to maximize the value of any oilfield measurement
Product:Schlumberger Techlog 2017.2_Techlog Wellbore Software Platform