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Lumerical FDTD Solutions 8.19.1416,Lumerical 2017b

Lumerical FDTD Solutions 8.19.1416,Lumerical 2018
Key FDTD Solutions applications include:

CMOS Image Sensors
Solar Cells
Integrated Optics
Surface Metrology
Surface Plasmons
Photonic Crystals
Liquid Crystals
3D CAD Environment
Build 1D, 2D, or 3D models
Define custom surfaces and volumes
Import from STL, GDSII or images
Import spacial refractive index data
Parameterizable simulation objects
FDTD CAD Environment
Advanced Conformal Mesh
Compatible with dispersive and high-index contrast materials
Submesh sensitivity to geometry
High accuracy for coarse mesh
Read our Conformal Mesh Whitepaper (requires registration)
Conformal Mesh
Multi-coefficient Models
Accurately represent real materials over broad wavelength range
Automatically generate from sampled data or user defined functions
Read our Multi-coefficient Model Whitepaper (requires registration)
Multi-coefficient Models
Nonlinearity and Anisotropy
Spatially varying anisotropy
Wide range of nonlinear, negative index, and gain models
Define new material models with flexible material plugins
FDTD Nonlinearity
Broadband Fixed-angle Source Technique (BFAST)
Inject light at a fixed angle over a broad spectrum for periodic structures
BFAST accelerate the analysis of:
Gratings-based devices
Solar cells
Image sensors
Broadband fixed-angle source technique
1D Stack Optical Solver
Optimize multilayer devices instantly using both plane wave and dipole illumination
Include effects due to multilayer interference, material dispersion and anisotropy
Assess the quantum efficiency and extraction efficiency of electroluminescent devices
1D Stack Optical Solver
Interoperable with DEVICE
Design, simulate, and optimize active components using optical, electrical, and thermal multiphysics
Interoperable with Ray-Tracing
Addresses applications that require both nanoscale and macroscale optics
OpticStudio by Zemax
ASAP by Breault Research
Product:Lumerical FDTD Solutions 8.19.1416,Lumerical 2017b