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Schlumberger vista 2017_VISTA Desktop Seismic Data Processing Software

Schlumberger vista 2017
ISTA seismic data processing software is a Windows-based application that can be used during the early stages of acquisition QC to complete processing of 2D and 3D seismic data acquired on land, in marine applications, offshore, or through VSP.

In today’s time-compressed environment, VISTA software offers flexibility, reliability, ease of use, and complete control over their assets—from field acquisition to final processing and interpretation in all industry and manufacturer data formats.

More than 25 years of close interaction with our customers continues to help VISTA software become more robust with continuous software development and innovation.
Features and packages

VISTA software is available in four complete packages:

The premier package in the field to perform rapid QC and processing through to brute stack

VISTA Field Pro
Additional tools for today’s more sophisticated QC requirements, including poststack migration

VISTA Full Pro
The complete solution, from QC to prestack migration, including time-depth image analysis

VISTA 2D or 3D VSP Pro

Complete VSP QC and processing for 2D and 3D VSP data
2D VSP available as a stand-alone or add-in module to VISTA Field QC, VISTA Field Pro, or VISTA Full Pro
3D VSP module available as an add-on module to VISTA Full Pro


Windows-based, single-user, portable, robust, and easy-to-learn icon-driven software
Interactive windows that broadcast between multiple screens for powerful QC functions
Interactive tools for station geometry prediction, verification, and QC
Programming development interface for users to add their own algorithms
Comprehensive header manipulation, interactive spreadsheets, and text file imports and exports
Surface-consistent scale, deconvolution, and statics
Advanced noise attenuation and signal enhancement techniques
Multicomponent and converted-wave QC and processing
Montage window for creating sophisticated output plots
True amplitude processing sequence
AVO and amplitude variation with angle of incidence (AVA) processing capabilities
Interactive 2D multiline tie and 3D multisurvey merge
Prestack and poststack time-depth migration and analysis

VISTA software is a Windows application offering annual software releases and regular product updates. It also includes a vast number of user resources including tutorials, movies, common workflows, knowledge-base articles, and new feature documents.
Product:Schlumberger vista 2017_VISTA Desktop Seismic Data Processing Software